Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Win in Life-A Positive Movement

When you're surrounded by negativity on a daily basis it's refreshing to interact with people who always have a positive outlook on life.  I am fortunate to know such an individual, Wil.  Regardless of when we speak or what situation he encounters he's always doing FANTASTIC!  Even if understandably he could be feeling down or depressed based on his circumstance he always aims for positivity.

He has decided to share that positivity with the world by launching his line of apparel and accessories called Win In Life with the tag line Do not let the circumstances of life defeat you.  The line consists of t-shirts, hats and watches in an array of colors.

You can take a look at his line here.  I can definitely support someone whose bringing the positivity we so desperately need these days.  Will you?

Oh, did you guys notice Win in Life developed from his name Wil, how cool!!

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