Monday, August 22, 2011

Jilly from Philly Summer Block Party!

I have anticipated the Jill Scott Block Party concert for almost two months and the day finally came.  Friday, August 19th Jilly from Philly graced Atlanta with her presence.  She brought along Mint Condition, the soulful Anthony Hamilton, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the entertainer, Doug E. Fresh!

Unfortunately, I was a bit late so I missed all of Mint Condition.  I was looking forward to hearing "Pretty Brown Eyes"...that was my favorite song back in the day.  However, the rest of the show was great.  Anthony Hamilton's performance was great, he sang his hits and also took us to "Chuch" (church for those that don't know).   Following his performance Jazzy Jeff spun the hip-hop hits of the 80's and 90's while Doug E. Fresh showed us the original "Dougie" dance.  It was loads of fun....everyone was on their feet dancing!

The anticipation for Jill to appear on stage was palpable....we were ready for her..screaming out her name.   When she walked out on stage, she had a sexy stroll, she was confident and beautiful....and that infectious smile of hers drew you in.  I loved it!  Her performance did not disappoint.  She sang a little something from each album.  But the most impressive was when she started singing opera as she closed the concert out.  I had no clue of her diversity nor did I realize her voice had such range.  Brilliant performance!  

When she comes to your city check her out...if the tickets aren't sold out!

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