Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Is Beyonce's Pregnancy Throwing Shade at Single Mothers?

By now most of us have been inundated with Bey & Jay's baby news so the excitement has worn off but apparantly all the conversation surrounding her pregnancy has generated a bit of controversy.  Since the couple married three years ago speculation and stories have been stirred up of a pregnancy in the Carter family.  Now that the pregnancy has been confirmed everyone is offering up well wishes to the couple and commending Bey for doing it the "right way".  Meaning she dated, married and THEN became pregnant.  Even rapper J. cole said the couple were representing black people "correctly".   

Are we over-glorifying Beyonce for following a certain order meanwhile condemning single mothers of whom we know not their circumstances?  Has Beyonce done something unheard of by marrying before becoming pregnant?  I mean let's face it women do this everyday, she is not the exception. I understand that it may not seem common place with the Basketball (non)Wives or the ladies of Love & Hip Hop plastered across our TV screens weekly but it happens people. 

However, I don't think the simple statement of her doing it the "right way" is an attack on single mothers either.  Everyone has varying circumstances so to pass judgment on a single mom is a bit close-minded. 

What do you think of this conversation surrounding Bey's pregnancy?

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