Monday, December 6, 2010

What king of BLOG is THIS?!?!?!

In my previous posting I told you all that I was struggling with my blog as far as what direction to go in.  That's the reason I hadn't posted in almost 30 days.  My reason for starting the blog in the first place is because I wanted to start living a more active life and getting involved in social activities, traveling, etc.  Doing those things would give me something to talk/blog about.  However, I haven't been doing much therefore I have nothing to talk about. 

What I have been doing is buying all things beauty (i.e. make-up).  I talked about my addiction in a prior posting and that's what I've been excited about.  I truly didn't want to to create yet another beauty blog but those are the blogs that I frequent AND that seems to be the only thing that's really exciting me these days.....soooooo for the time being I'll blog about beauty/fashion/shopping until I have something else that tickles my fancy. 

Until next time...


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