Friday, October 15, 2010

To Pledge or Not to Pledge

I have recently embarked on a quest for personal and professional development.  In doing so I am stepping outside of my comfort level and participating in activities that I wouldn't have in the past like business ventures, community activities, business organizations, blogs and becoming affiliated with a Greek organization.

Sigma Gamma Rho Motivational Magnet - "I asked for Strength, Wisdom and Courage"Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Motivational Magnet - "My Letters don't Define Me..They Merely Enhance Who I Am"Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Motivational Magnet - "The Real Work begins after Crossing The Burning Sands"Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Motivational Magnet - "5 Women Paved the Way. What Road are you On?" 

I was not brought up in a Greek home and I only have a couple of friends and family that are part of Greek organizations, Uncle Mike-Alpha Phi Alpa & Aunt Trina-Delta Sigma Theta, so I wasn't familiar with their history, organizational philosophies and missions.  However in my pursuit of development I've seriously considered becoming a part of one of these organizations. 

The first stage of this process is determining which organization is the best fit for me.  Does this organization's tenet align with my personal belief system?  Do their principles resonate with my character? Will membership to this organization aid in molding me into the person I'm striving to be?  What value do I attain by being a part of the organization?

So I've begun to do my research into the various sororities, learning about their history, exploring their missions and community initiatives.  My initial venture, a Zeta Phi Beta informational.  It was an interesting experience and I'd like to share what I learned but they stressed discretion when it comes to broadcasting information about their organization.  However, I will say aside from the meeting starting late the ladies of Delta Xi Chapter were courteous, professional, informative, very enthusiastic and funny.  Questions were addressed about membership and one Zeta member gave this analogy: "Sorority membership is a lifetime commitment so you will have to date us (Zeta Phi Beta) and if we like you we'll marry, because you don't marry someone after one encounter."  The analogy is fitting except it's a two way street, I also need to determine if your organization is the right fit for me.  So I'm on a mission.

What do you think?  Are you a member of a Greek organization?  What prompted you to consider membership?  What influenced your choice?  I'm anxious to hear your thoughts on this so please chime in!

Til next time...

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