Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hi friends,
I'm sorry for the mini hiatus its just been a bit hectic, but I'm back.....again.

I'm going to revisit my last post because I told you all that I would highlight the vendors that I liked and promote their products/stores.

So I'll get right into it.  First, is Superbfootwear, they specialize in footwear for women sizes 10 and larger but they also offer foot care products such as the Gilden Tree Shea Butter Balm.  If you've used pure shea butter before you'll love this product as it not only heals dry skin but the smell is great!  I purchased a small 1 oz. container but it's already almost gone because I use it every evening on my feet and during the day on my hands (I hate dry hands).  I'll be heading to the website to purchase the 4 oz size very soon.

My second stop was to the booth for Gray| Ellis.  The flair of the gorgeous woman standing in front of the booth is what made me stop.  Her whole look was different, UniQUE...ya'll know that's what I'm all about.  Their pieces were very distinctive and different from most of the other boutiques.  However, I was more drawn to the girls of Gray| Ellis after I got home and got to their website.  I was inspired by Ang & Cari's story of how they started their dream business, especially since I'm attempting to do the same.  The clothes and jewelry are totally my style also.  Sorry no pictures. :(

And last and definitely not least I was utterly impressed by a young lady with a lovely personality and a great entrepreneurial spirit.  Ms Maya! 

Let me tell you this young lady was so inspiring.  At 10 years old she has her own business, Maya's Ideas.  She is extremely creative specializing in handmade accessories such as hats, scarves, jewelry, headbands and more. HANDMADE!  I purchased the cutest brooch that I've shown off to everyone I know, not only because it's so stylish but I'm so excited to tell the story of how I met Ms. Maya.  I want everyone I know to be excited as I was and support her!   


BTW I have my eye on this Symbol of Beauty Eternity Scarf from Mayas Ideas. Check it out!

Symbol of Beauty Eternity

 It was evident that Maya has a very strong support system in her family that allows her to freedom to express her creativity and realize her dreams!  Keep it up Maya!  I'm proud of you little sista!

Til next time....


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